Design Your Business For SaleWhile most sellers do not want they customers to know that the business is for sale, there are small improvements you should consider that will yield a sizable return.  This has been proven over and over, with homes for sale. The same techniques can be used when selling a business, with tremendous success.

  1.  Curb Appeal
  2. Customer Greeting Area
  3. The walls
  4. Online – Your website
  5. Online – Your “footprint”

Then there is the critically important financial presentation.

Unless you have very good managers, and you have already started to absent yourself for the day-to-day running of your enterprise, you need a business broker.  What a professional brings to the table is worth way more than their fee:

  1. They allow you to keep running your business, so that at the end of the process,you still have a business to sell! They screen out the looky-lous from the serious buyers and keep every part of the transaction at arms length.
  2. They keep the deal together
  3. They have experience with questions and how to answer them safely.
  4. They keep the deal together
  5. Did we mention they get everyone to the closing table.

For best results, you need a professional Business Broker. If you are located in North Florida, consider John Geiwitz, the Jacksonville Business Broker. With 20+ years of experience and multiple awards under his belt, he has the experience, the professionalism and the git-‘er-done track record to be the best possible adviser.

Perhaps curb appeal, and Reception is an obvious area. But why do we mention the walls? Because you have a lot of options here and few take advantage of this prime, visual real estate. You can use the square footage to have a large representation of the logo. Or you could have fun photos of company outings, the team in action, or better — a portfolio of happy customers, great installations, visual examples of success.

As to your website: when was the last time it was updated?  For sure, as soon as a prospective buyer knows the name of your business, the second after they have submitted the NDA, they are jumping onto Google to research your business. Your website, reviews and Google presence will be the first thing they get to know about you.

Put your best foot forward. Have a good review at the top of the pile. Make sure your website is up to date, with the name address and phone number at the very least,