Design Your Business For Sale

A great storefront makes buyers want to come in to the store.

It’s that simple. Particularly when it’s as dramatic as this one above. It’s clean, contemporary, the signage is subtle but obvious… and fun! Very clever.

So what can we take from this to inspire our design of our own business when we have to, or want to, sell it. Here are the top 5 things that will help you stand out against the competition.  They are key to when you are trying to have your business in tip top shape when you go to sell it.


As you see, the signage doesn’t have to be huge, nor the letters large, it just has to be clear and easy to read.. It’s even better when it makes a passer-by pause a moment and enjoy the artistic sensibility. Dramatic contrast works best for signs and block fonts without a serif.  It is easier for passers by to see the sign on the building, as opposed to the glass.  Even if your landlord originally said he/she didn’t want to have anything on the side of the building, revisit the issue with him. Maybe he likes having you as a leaseholder? Maybe he is proud of the business you have built? Maybe the more successful you are the more rent he can get away with charging…yes, but don’t most people act in their own self-interest?


Some windows are part of the storefront; other times their role is to let in light. Just as you would to see your house, so when you go to sell your business these have to clean and sparkling. Freshly cleaned class makes such a difference in a room. So much more light comes in, and the overall sense of well-being is hugely enhanced.


This is a no-brainer. The front door has to be in mint condition. It’s the first tangible impression. It needs to have the handle in good shape, have the glass sparklingly clean if there is some, the wood needs to have been freshly oiled or painted.  Imagine if the President, or someone you want to impress more, arrived with a camera crew. Would you feel proud of your front door or embarrassed?  A run-down, heavily worn door makes buyers suspect there might be other maintenance issues around the place.  (Unless… you’re in the vintage business!)

Be careful about awnings. If your door is close to trees, gets very little sun or has a lot of birds about, thing through how clean the awning will stay. There’s not much worse than a filthy dirty awning to make a business look depressing and unappealing.


Plants either side of the main office door help to not only demonstrate which of the various entries are the front, and serve to make a favorable first impressionPlants.

This building is missing the awning that must have been there in the recent past, but  t least the colorful trees add a finish and finesse to the overall look. The other lush planting also make a good impression.

Don’t forget plants inside the office.  Not only good to clean the air for employees but a natural calming influence. They work particularly well as space dividers in contemporary, open-plan offices.

Fort Lauderdale business designed to sell


Parking Lot

Curb Appeal is always important. And when you go to sell your business, whether you use a business broker or not, you will be well-served by having a clean, attractive presentation of how your business looks.  The nicer your business looks, the better it is for the whole neighborhood. So… even though it’s good for you… it’s also good for everyone else as well. You might think of is as a public service!